Caleb Castille had less than three days to prepare for his first acting role ever after being chosen to play the lead, Tony Nathan, in the true high school football drama, Woodlawn.

“Caleb” Castille grew up in one of Alabama’s leading football family dynasties. Two generations of Caleb’s family-his father, Jeremiah, and his two older brothers, Tim and Simeon-played football at the University of Alabama and went on to play in the NFL. A 2010 “walk on” himself, Caleb went on to win back-to- back national championships with the Alabama Crimson Tide before walking away from the team to pursue acting. Caleb was one of hundreds of actors and football players who sent in an audition tape for the lead role of the young Tony Nathan in Woodlawn. As the weeks passed, he found out another actor had been cast in the role. Undaunted, he went to the film’s open casting call and was chosen to be the football playing body double for Nathan. When the original actor left the project Caleb Castille became Woodlawn’s Tony Nathan.

Caleb’s strong faith and commitment has led him to use his acting platform around the country to help people pursue their dreams believing in the impossible.